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Portland's Innovative & Kinda Quirky Dance Community

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Tickets for the 2015 Nutcracker Burlesque will be available for purchase online on Thanksgiving Day weekend. Show dates are Friday, December 11 through Saturday, December 19. Check back to this site for more updates!


Dancer Snapshot

  • John Larson

    John Larson
    • Choreographer, Dancer, Backstage, Board Member, Tech Volunteer, Yes
    • When We Started Questioning Our Judgement: Odyssey 2008
    • Favorate Role: It's hard to pick, there's so many. I guess my truely favorite part is getting to know everyone new and old.
    • Inspiring a Pirite to Dance: Movement and Geekery, not necessarily in that order.
    • Where a Pirate Trains to Dance: Nowhere. Okay not really nowhere, I've been taking VM company classes since I joined, and a few odd dance workshops here in there, but for that no dance training at all. Just rapier combat, or fencing.
  • Shea Murphy

    Shea Murphy
    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director and Video Extraordinaire
    • First VM Appearance: 2008
    • Inspiration: Gerry Shannon
    • How to train the untrainable: Having a blast and working hard in VM shows.
  • Gerry Shannon

    Gerry Shannon
    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director, Board Member, Swell Guy
    • How Long?: Since its incepition, baby!
    • Choreogrpahy from Nowhere: I listen to a song, I hear awesome, I picture movement, I react.
    • This Talent Isn't Learned: I just started doing it. I stepped into a dance show in college, the next year I choreographed Barbie Girl. I've been the jester of the dance world ever since. Most of my classroom type learning has been in Swing Dancing, otherwise, I just pick it up as I go along. Nothing like throwing yourself in the fire.
  • Venus Murphy

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Tech Volunteer
    • First Graced the VM Stage: Odyssey – 2008
    • Mostest Enjoyed Role: Jillian in 2014's Thug. A challenge both technically, and emotionally.
    • Inspired: Everywhere. I pull from lyrics, movies, friends, personal experiences...
    • Training a Goddess: Community jazz classes from 4th grade - 12th grade, and LOTS of training from Vivid Motion!
    Venus Murphy
  • Jessica Jane

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Costume Designer, Board Member
    • First Show: The first nutcracker burleqsue
    • Favorite Role: I'm most proud of the 20+ "spirit dresses" I designed and built for King Arthur: Dances of War. those dresses have been in almost every VM spring & summer show. it's rewarding to know that you've created something beautiful that also has lasting value.
    • Inspiration: I never know where or when inspiration is going to strike. This past summer I found inspiration in a manatee. Who knew?
    Jessica Jane
    • Training the Jess: I started dancing when I was 4. I took ballet lessons until I got to college. There I studied modern dance and creative movement. I also studied belly dance for many years. Now I take classes around town and also attend workshops.
  • Sophie Little

    Sophie Little
    • Dancer, Choreographer
    • First VM Appearance: Hollywood Dreams in spring 2011
    • Inspiration: She particularly enjoys ballet and contemporary dance, and is in the process of developing her first choreographed piece in the summer 2014 show, "Thug."
    • How to train your dancer: Sophie started her dance training at the Centre of Movement at age five and joined Vivid Motion at age seventeen
  • Brigitte Paulus

    • Choreographer, Dancer, Teacher, Director, Producer, Graphic Designer, Costume Designer, Backstage, Board Member, Volunteer, Co Founder
    • First Graced the VM Stage: Nutcracker Burlesque 2003, the roots
    • Favorite Role: Morgan LeFay in Dance of War
    • Inspiration: Movement I see everywhere.
    Brigitte Paulus
    • How to become this awesome: "I started dancing at 13. Had fantastic world class teachers at River City Dance, Thomas School of Dance, UMO and Robinson Ballet. Then it was on to Joffrey Ballet in NYC. Then back to Maine to learn belly dance and start Vivid Motion. I attend VM classes every week and take other classes when I can afford it. I'm always practicing."
  • Scott Potter

    • Dancer, Choreographer, Director
    Scott Potter
    • VM Debut: King Author – Dance of War, Spring 2009
    • I don't have a particular favorite [part], but every piece that has challenged my dance ability is a highlight for me.
    • Inspiration: The music I listen to, the friends that I dance with, and my niece who aspires to do what her uncle does.
    • How to train a Potter: My dance training has come from Vivid Motion (starting spring 2009) and Portland Ballet (starting summer 2010). I have also taken private ballet lessons from a professional dancer since summer 2012.

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